These are a few of my favourite things… Tulips

Dear Ju,

I love flowers, especially tulips.

I love how they open up in the warm sunshine and then tightly tuck back up as the evening turns cooler.

I love how different they all are, and how beautiful they are individually as well as together. Some have vastly contrasting colours – pastel yellow and deep red, some have beauty in the utterly simplicity that is a completely white flower, others having varying shades of the same colour. Together they make each other look even more stunning.

We have utter faith in our spring bulbs. An expectation in them to do as nature dictates. Isn’t it lovely to have so much faith in something. No doubt. We plant them in autumn, whilst the soil is still warm enough. We tuck them down deep, knowing they will stay asleep over the cold, dark grey winter.

By spring we are feeling jaded. We are craving sunshine, warmth, longer days and colour after what seems like an eternity of grey & cold.

Then we notice natures cogs slowly warming up. A sprinkling of snowdrops. Buds on the trees. Bluebells. The first cut of grass.

And green shoots in the border.

The brown, crispy, dull looking bulbs we planted last year now shooting into life.

They seem to shoot up and form a bud in no time at all. We guess at what colour flower we will be blessed with. Then we see the show. We buy these bulbs, plant them and take care of them all for two, maybe three weeks of colour.┬áBut isn’t it worth it.

I know you liked orchids Ju, I bought you one when I didn’t know what else to do. I brought it to your room when you couldn’t get out of bed. You told me it was beautiful. I replied ‘Like you’.